Why Adopt a Shelter Animal?

Each hour, every day, over 3,000 dogs and cats are born in the U.S. Most of these animals are unwanted and many end up in shelters. You can save a life by adopting a cat or dog from your local shelter.

You will be an example to others, and they may become inspired to visit a shelter.

There are puppies and kittens at the shelter as well as older animals. Whatever age you are looking for, you can find him or her at the shelter.

Purebreds can be found at the shelter. Experts say approximately 10-12% of animals in shelters are purebreds. So, if you have your heart set on a certain breed, try checking with your shelter. Most will keep you on a waiting list if they don't have what you're looking for.

Most shelters provide all necessary shots and spaying or neutering before the animal goes home with you. Spaying/neutering helps to end the tremendous pet overpopulation problem, is healthier for your animal and saves you time and money.

And don't forget about the unconditional love! Your new pet will love you regardless of all other outside factors. Where else can you find that kind of devotion?


Approved Applications

If an applicant meets all of qualifications/requirements established by the Board and their application is approved, the following steps will take place:

  • The pet owner’s veterinarian will be contacted to confirm the treatment/cost. If necessary, second opinions or alternative treatments may be required.
  • If the pet isn’t currently under the care of a Knox County veterinarian, the owner must have the pet evaluated by a Knox County veterinarian as all treatment financed by the organization must be provided within the county unless specific treatment is not locally available.
  • The Board will meet as needed to review qualified applications and to approve assistance requests.
  • If approved, the applicant must sign a contract agreeing to specific treatments and total costs that the organization will fund. Any additional treatments and/or costs will be the sole responsibility of the pet owner.
  • The approved applicant must also sign a contract agreeing to volunteer at a local shelter, vet clinic or at The Tank Fund in exchange for the financial assistance he/she is being provided.
  • The veterinary clinic providing the care must also sign a contract agreeing to the extent of the organization’s financial responsibility/limitations as previously agreed upon with the pet owner. The organization will pay the clinic directly for the cost of the treatment as agreed to in the contract.

The mission of The Tank Fund is to provide financial assistance for emergency and/or life-saving veterinary care to Knox County, Ohio pet owners and non-profit animal-welfare organizations and to assist in the training of canines for the purposes of compassion therapy and assistance dog certification.

No animal should have to suffer or be euthanized simply because their owner is unable to pay for necessary treatment.

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